The Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition (APWC), a 501c3, non-profit organization was
founded on February 11, 2005 as a result of the first ever Arizona State Forum on Postpartum Mood Disorders.  

Mission Statement:
The Arizona Postpartum Wellness Coalition is dedicated to improving the pregnancy and postpartum experience
for Arizona families through providing support for families and professionals, increasing awareness of the serious
nature of perinatal mood disorders, and improving access to available screening methods, treatment options and
resources in Arizona.

1)  Provide training for medical and mental health professionals on PMD’s in order to ensure a high quality of care
for families
2)  Establish a referral network of trained professionals in every community in the state
3)   Establish a self-help network for families, including a toll-free warmline answered by trained volunteers who
have “been there”
4)  Provide information on PMD’s and support for Arizona’s families and professionals

For information on the Coalition or membership opportunities, please contact Christina Hibbert, Founder, at or call the
AZ Warmline:  888-434-MOMS (6667)
AZ Postpartum Wellness Coalition/
Postpartum Support International- AZ Chapter
APWC is happy to report we received a grant of
$7750 from Jenny's Light, to fund our new
project, "Operation Education".  For More
information, please visit Jenny's Light Website
or email Christina Hibbert, project director.
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